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Could wellbeing give you a competitive edge?

Beating the competition and winning new business is what fuels the economy. But what about beating the competition and winning new talent? Or holding on... read more

12th January 2015 by Unum Team
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3 ways an Employee Assistance Programme can help you keep your New Year’s resolution

We’re all guilty of making New Year resolutions that we don’t keep. In fact, most resolutions are broken well before the end of January. However,... read more

12th January 2015 by Unum Team

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3 employers who’ve developed family-friendly policies

Flexible working, childcare facilities and paid time off are just some of the family-friendly policies you can consider creating to make your business more appealing to parents and carers. There... read more

21st April 2015 by Unum Team
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30 ways to make your employees happy [Infographic]

At Unum, we believe employee happiness and wellbeing is an integral part of any business, and should be given due consideration. That’s why we’ve created our latest infographic: ‘30 ways... read more

17th April 2015 by Unum Team
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Corporate fraud: 5 ways to outfox the fraudsters

Cases of business fraud in the UK have risen. The latest research from KPMG shows 107 commercial businesses fell victim to fraud in 2014, up from 64 the year before.... read more

13th April 2015 by Unum Team
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5 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Internal Communications [Video]

Effective internal communications ensures that your workforce keep engaged, happy and more productive. Because of this, we’ve created this video to help give you some ideas to improve your company’s... read more

2nd April 2015 by Unum Team
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Making flexible working a reality

Stuart McLean from Incisive Media talks about their new approach which is helping staff gain a more effective work/life balance While many companies make a move to bigger offices to... read more

27th March 2015 by Unum Team
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Kick your silo mentality into touch using extreme transparency

Say goodbye to your silo mentality. Extreme transparency in the workplace is set to become a top trend for 2015. Extreme transparency or radical transparency is defined as radically increasingly... read more

26th March 2015 by Unum Team
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