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Could wellbeing give you a competitive edge?

Beating the competition and winning new business is what fuels the economy. But what about beating the competition and winning new talent? Or holding on... read more

12th January 2015 by Unum Team
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3 ways an Employee Assistance Programme can help you keep your New Year’s resolution

We’re all guilty of making New Year resolutions that we don’t keep. In fact, most resolutions are broken well before the end of January. However,... read more

12th January 2015 by Unum Team

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Busting the myths around Income Protection

Income Protection continues to be an enigma in many workplaces. “What is it?”, “What does it do?”, “Why do I need it?” are typical responses IFAs hear when they utter... read more

29th June 2015 by Unum Team
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The Secret To Employee Motivation [Infographic]

We know that employee wellbeing is rocketing up the business agenda. Companies all across the UK have realised that a happy and healthy employee is a loyal – and productive... read more

17th June 2015 by Unum Team
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Workplace obesity – a weighty issue? [Infographic]

Are your workforce victims of the much-publicised sedentary lifestyles? With all the news articles recently about the benefits of standing up at your desk, the health hazards of sitting for... read more

17th June 2015 by Lucy
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6 ways to thwart non-legit employee expenses

It’s not just MPs who have been known to inflate their expenses. Recent research shows that a fifth of workers are not averse to taking liberties with the truth too.... read more

15th June 2015 by chrishall85
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Putting men’s health and wellbeing centre stage

Men’s Health Week 15th – 21st June There’s a certain time of year when Facebook newsfeeds and Twitter homepages are saturated with updates, photos and hashtags all relating to a... read more

12th June 2015 by Lucy
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10 Weird and Wonderful Things People Have Insured [Infographic]

When your average person thinks of insurance it’s usually a) as a safety net for the everyday stuff, and b) – let’s face it – not particularly exciting. But it’s... read more

5th June 2015 by Unum Team
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