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Could wellbeing give you a competitive edge?

Beating the competition and winning new business is what fuels the economy. But what about beating the competition and winning new talent? Or holding on... read more

12th January 2015 by Unum Team
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3 ways an Employee Assistance Programme can help you keep your New Year’s resolution

We’re all guilty of making New Year resolutions that we don’t keep. In fact, most resolutions are broken well before the end of January. However,... read more

12th January 2015 by Unum Team

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How Generation Z could make your company better at benefits

Generation X, Generation Y, Z, Millennials, Peter Pan, iGeneration, Boomerang… words that sound like they should be from some sort of children’s TV programme are actually terms thrown around to... read more

31st July 2015 by Lucy
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Surprising Ways Music Can Affect Work [Infographic]

Have you ever been on a long train journey, laptop out, working on that all-important presentation for the next morning, when you hear the loud beat of drums and guitar... read more

30th July 2015 by Unum Team
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Anatomy of a great business team [Infographic]

The question of what makes a good team is as much debated in business as in sport; however we think we’ve finally cracked it. Our latest infographic explores the core... read more

29th July 2015 by Unum Team
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Cycling: a dark side of the healthy commute? [Infographic]

They’re now a permanent fixture on roads around the UK, particularly in places like the Surrey Hills, Exmoor and the Yorkshire Dales, but while car drivers may get exasperated by... read more

24th July 2015 by Lucy
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The importance of employee recognition

With employee wellbeing at the forefront of employers’ minds, ensuring your staff are properly recognised is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress, improve morale – and boost productivity.... read more

21st July 2015 by Unum Team
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The Open 2015: why golf is more dangerous than you think [Infographic]

Golf. A competitive game that’s been around since the 15th century with the first televised golf competition, the US Open, being shown in 1945. Now, as the 144th Open Championship gets underway this... read more

15th July 2015 by Lucy
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