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Could wellbeing give you a competitive edge?

Beating the competition and winning new business is what fuels the economy. But what about beating the competition and winning new talent? Or holding on... read more

12th January 2015 by Unum Team
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3 ways an Employee Assistance Programme can help you keep your New Year’s resolution

We’re all guilty of making New Year resolutions that we don’t keep. In fact, most resolutions are broken well before the end of January. However,... read more

12th January 2015 by Unum Team

Keep up to date with key people management dates during the year – awareness days, employment law updates, events and conferences, awards and more with our 2015 calendar.

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Forget your troubles, come on, get ‘appy – 20 apps advisers can’t live without

When you’re out on the road at client meetings, we know how important it is to have everything at your fingertips. Here are 20 of the best mobile apps to... read more

25th August 2015 by Unum Team
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Back to the Future of employee benefits [Infographic]

2015 – the year Marty McFly whizzes off to with Doc Brown to stop his future son from being imprisoned. Among all the scrapes they get themselves into, with Griff,... read more

25th August 2015 by Lucy
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Ultimate productivity tools for your company

The 9-to-5 work day. It can be a monotonous experience. And to think, most people will spend 40 or 50 years of their life doing that same routine – it’s... read more

19th August 2015 by Lucy
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Employee (and employer) benefits for smaller businesses

As auto enrolment continues towards the smaller end of the market, small to medium-sized businesses everywhere are finding their staff benefits in the spotlight. But if that’s as far as... read more

18th August 2015 by Unum Team
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The first and worst jobs of Fortune Global 500 CEOs [Infographic]

Becoming CEO of a company takes a strong work ethic, commitment and hard work, and definitely doesn’t happen overnight. Even the CEOs of the world’s biggest businesses had to start... read more

17th August 2015 by Unum Team
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Join us at the COVER Protection Summit in October

We are pleased to be speaking at this year’s COVER Protection and Health Summit on 1st October. Sign up today and join our Head of Proposition Development, Andrew Potterton as... read more

13th August 2015 by chrishall85
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